10 Health Benefits of Pure Acai Berries

Berries of any kind are considered healthy for you. Acai berries are particularly healthy and should be a part of your diet.

You can’t find acai berries growing naturally just anywhere. They normally grow in the South American Amazonian rain forests. Real acai berries are especially rich in antioxidants and have been found to be great as healers, immune stimulators, and energy boosters.

The acai berry we refer to is not the same as the misleading and over-hyped acai berry weight loss craze proliferating the Internet– “Lose 10 pounds in only 10 days with the Acai Berry!”.

In truth, acai is not a “miracle weight loss cure,” but in fact is an antioxidant-rich super food that holds a unique profile of phytonutrients key to our body’s health and wellness.

This is a berry that has been found to help with health issues related to oxidative stress in the body among other things.

Acai Berry BenefitsHere are 10 health benefits from consuming acai berries:

1. For a Healthy Heart. Acai berries are a lot like red wine in that they have a high anthocyanin amount, which is a plant antioxidant that can lessen the cholesterol levels in the body. Acai is also high in plant sterols, which also are heart healthy. Plant sterols keep the blood from clotting and help the blood vessels to relax.

2. Keep away bad organisms. Extract of acai may be able to stop the growth of bad organisms like fungi and bacteria.

3. Aids in weight loss. This may help us lose weight and keep it off. The pulp from the berry seems to have the ability to counteract the bad effects of a high fat diet in animal studies.

4. Helps skin health. A growing number of beauty products are featuring acai oil, which has a high antioxidant level for the skin. It is a good alternative to synthetic skin care products. Your skin will be healthier and will glow more if you eat acai berries.

5. Aids in digestion. Acai berries may help clean out the digestive system so it functions better. The berries are excellent at detoxifying the body so that we can get the fiber we need in our system. This makes it similar to the beneficial effects of other kinds of berries.

6. Lessens irritation. Acai berries may be able to prevent the irritation found in people who live with diseases that cause respiratory distress.

7. Better cellular health. The anthocyanins in acai berries seem to be able to help our cells protect themselves, keeping them away from oxygen free radical damage.

8. Helps the immune system. Acai berries are high in vitamin C and also Ellagic acid– both of which are helpful to the immune system and keep cancer away. One recent study showed that polyphenolic compounds from the acai berry had the ability to decrease the proliferation of cancer cells by about 85%. It is believed that the phytochemicals in the acai berry can cut off carcinogenesis to ensure that the cancer does not multiply. They may not cure cancer but they seem to keep it from developing and growing.

9. Anti-Aging effects. Acai berries have high levels of plant phytochemicals, which are antioxidants that fight the aging process. The berries may have the ability to help reverse or at least slow the aging process that is ultimately related to oxidative stress. These berries have perhaps one of the best concentrations of antioxidants of any food in the world.

10. Energy booster. The acai berry, because it benefits the body in so many ways, can increase overall energy and improve your stamina. It may be a way to fight exhaustion and fatigue. Just grab a couple of berries to eat and you will perk up right away if you ever need a boost of energy. Other possible advantages of eating acai berries.

Besides the 10 listed methods acai berries can help you, they may also improve blood circulation in the body so that your sex drive can improve and there will be less impotence and a boost in libido. On top of that, acai berries may help prevent the mental imbalance seen in perimenopausal women.

Getting “Pure” Acai.

The main problem with getting acai is that the acai powder and other acai products sold online are typically blended with fillers that decrease its nutritional value. It is crucial to find only 100% genuine, filler-free Acai berry, that contains no extra ingredients.

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