Our Review: ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer carves out a special spot in the market by doubling as a recumbent bike. It is lacking some console and entertainment attributes, it is very affordable and may still make a good choice for someone who wants a more diverse workout.


Two machines in one:

Not only is the ProForm Hybrid Trainer an elliptical trainer, but it is also a recumbent bicycle. The pedals adjust to suit each of these options, making it easy to shift from the elliptical to the bicycle and the other way around. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is ideal for anyone who enjoys mixing up their workout sessions but doesn’t have room in their house for several big exercise machines.

Very affordable cost:

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is one of the most reasonably priced elliptical trainers that we have reviewed. Considering the fact that this machine doubles as a recumbent bicycle, you can be sure you’re getting an especially good deal. Those looking out for an elliptical machine on a budget will not want to miss the ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

Strong display features:

When operating the ProForm Hybrid Trainer, you shouldn’t have any issue viewing your workout info. The display screen precisely shows the calories you’ve burned, the amount of time you have been working with the machine, and the distance that you have traveled. If you use the heart rate hand sensors, you will also be able to see your heart rate on the monitor.

Target pacer:

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer has a useful target pacer feature, which tells you how to change your speed in order to achieve the target that you set for the workout routine. For those training for a race or wanting to slim down, this may be a very beneficial feature and is undoubtedly something to think about when hunting for the greatest elliptical exerciser machine.


Missing console features:

Though the ProForm Hybrid Trainer does have a Quick Start button, which makes it easy to get going with your workout session, it doesn’t really have many console functions beyond that. Many other elliptical trainers have a chest pulse sensor, which is a more reliable alternative to the heart rate hand grips, along with a built-in console fan. These features can not be found on the ProForm Hybrid Trainer, however. This machine is also missing a reading rack that may be used to balance publications, magazines, or even tablets while training. For those who value managing to read while training, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer may not be the right choice.

No incline option:

Many elliptical trainers offer users the option to incline their machines for an added degree of difficulty in their workouts. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer does not feature this capability, though, which may be frustrating to some. If having the ability to adjust the incline of your elliptical is important to you, there are plenty of other options better matched for your needs.

Missing entertainment features:

Compared to treadmills, ellipticals offer little in the way of fun options. Most still come with a built-in audio port and speakers to make listening to music convenient and easy. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is not one of these machines. This may not bother some people, but it is something to think about when choosing an elliptical trainer.

Poor manufacturer’s warranties:

When your exercise equipment breaks down, it’s irritating. If the machine isn’t under warranty, it’s even more aggravating to get a very large repair bill. That is the truth that many owners of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer will face if they encounter equipment malfunctions, as the warranties on this piece of equipment are extremely limited. If this worries you, there are lots of other ellipticals with better warranties that can offer you satisfaction.

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