The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Oil

Since it’s October we’re going to talk about pumpkins…not pumpkin spice, or anything related to Halloween but pumpkin oil!

We’re going to show you why pumpkin oil is good for you and talk about the related health benefits of a pumpkin oil supplement. Many people boast the health benefits of pumpkin seed oil. Well…simply this is because pumpkin oil has numerous benefits. Pumpkin seed oil can benefit the prostate, your heart, and even help support you skin. Pumpkin seeds also fight cancer, diabetes and heart disease as well. A unique pumpkin oil supplement that we recommend is Perfect Press Styrian Pumpkin Oil. Check out the chart below which explains what this supplement does and the top 10 health benefits of pumpkin oil.

This supplement is made from Styrian pumpkins. These pumpkins are a special kind of pumpkin that are not found in the United States. Styrian pumpkins are grown in Eastern Europe purely for their seeds. Because these pumpkins are a rare superfood, most of them get bought up fast. They’re difficult to get which is why this supplement is slighly more expensive than a budget brand pumpkin oil supplement.

This pumpkin oil supplement is an antioxidant powerhouse. Styrian pumpkin oil contains that most sought after carotenoid and porphyrin phytochemicals, plus 5 times more vitamin E than even olive oil! In fact, Styrian pumpkin oil is understood to be one of the most antioxidant-rich seed or vegetable oils in existence.

Styrian Pumpkin oil is pressed from certified organic, non-GMO raw pumpkin seeds. Most budget brand pumpkin seed oil suppliers roast their seeds because it is easier to obtain the oil that way. Activation does NOT roast its seeds because they want you to have only the purest pumpkin oil available to you without any damage to your body. Activation puts all of their oils in Miron glass bottles. These glass bottles protect the oils from UV light, which can cause rancidity. These bottles are so effective that Activation oils have a three-year shelf-life!

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