Why Should I Use Bowflex Equipment?

Why Should I Use a Bowflex Gym?

What’s the catch here? Absolutely no catch by any means… just an enthusiasm to share some ideas on perhaps one of the most reliable, flexible and inexpensive fitness machines available for home use. The Bowflex combines aerobic and strength training with a steady pulley and power rod resistance system that’s easy to set up. You can easily switch resistance with the power rods through a vast array of motions for a complete strength and aerobic workout. Now don’t get me wrong on the anticipated results. The Bowflex ads show smiling, well muscled youths whom we all would like to look like, regardless of age. Well, now you may just want to get back some muscle tone and some of that past strength and endurance that you once had. Notwithstanding, here we are at 55, 60, 65 or older and card carrying members of AARP. The majority of us simply wish to preserve or improve our strength, muscle tone and respiratory efficiency. Today many doctors and cardiovascular fitness experts are embracing weight training and especially the use of dumbbells as we age. Everyone now acknowledges that maintaining and/ or building our strength is critical in later years. We will certainly perform with greater confidence and renewed strength but we will also be less likely to fall and if we do, less likely to suffer fractures since resistance training increases our bone mass. What we don’t hear mentioned too frequently is the potential of injury with free weights if not properly monitored. Added to the injury possibility, there is also the need for other pieces of equipment such as various benches and supports in order to get a full range of motion with dumbbells.

Let’s talk about Bowflex equipment. Perhaps you’ve seen the infomercials and watched as the group of well muscled men and women gathered around a Bowflex machine and marveled at how easy it works and the quality of the workout it provides. How does this apply to you … at 55, 60, 65 years or older?

First, you can safely use the Bowflex without needing a gym buddy. Before staring a program check with your physician to insure that you have no physical afflictions that would preclude vigorous exercise. The Bowflex is a home device and since it’s in your residence, it’s available at anytime. I must caution you on the hype of “now you can use it anytime of your choosing”. That may be correct, but to be effective you must establish a set time every day for your training session. Once you start slipping or changing times, you run the very real danger of skipping days and then a week or more and after that suddenly you have no set program and you’re back to being a lazy person.

The Bowflex machine includes a very nice manual of exercises and instructions and most will also have an instructional DVD. Let’s practice some Bowflex 101 in the real world and set some realistic goals with simple to follow instructions:

1. Maintain a set time schedule either daily or every other day. Many prefer morning exercise routines to ensure that it doesn’t get negated later in the day by unexpected events … or lost will power. Early workouts also tend to set a desirable, go get ‘em attitude when those endorphins chip in from good prolonged vigorous exercise. Many experts say that the best and most effective time for the body to exercise is mid-afternoon and the least effective is at night. Training late at night may also cause some sleep disruption.

2. Review the exercise manual that Bowflex provides but don’t become a slave to the described workout routines. While the programs were developed by experts, let your own sense of what’s working be your guide.

3. After reviewing the guide, establish your first workout regimen and stick to it for a minimum of two full weeks or longer without deviation. Maintaining a consistent pattern will allow you to assess whether the program you’ve selected is comfortable for you and is not too dull or boring. It’s important to make the workout session interesting as well as challenging. Boredom can lead to you abandoning so don’t let that happen!

4. Design your workout program to include aerobic as well as strength activities. While the Bowflex will greatly assist in producing strength, the aerobic exercises are outstanding and important.

5. Commence with easy resistance power rods. Remember, this is going to be a lifestyle addition and not a quick fix so there is no reason to use too much weight resistance at the beginning. It is best for getting comfortable with how the Bowflex operates using lower resistance and then gradually increase the weight/ resistance.

6. Don’t feel obliged to “do the manual”. Select the workouts that work well with your strength and flexibility and revolve through them. Make certain though, that you balance upper body, arms, legs and abdominals in your program.

7. Ensure that you capitalize on the aerobic rowing motion. The seat glides effortlessly and the resistance power rods/pulleys are exceptionally smooth in operation.

8. Be Creative! In a short time, you’ll be totally comfortable and be able to handle any of the Bowflex routines. When that happens, you’ll be ready to mix and match as well as create new routines by yourself.

Are There Bowflex Equipment Discounts?

While this is an exercise machine for all ages, the Bowflex from my experience is exceptionally well suited for the great generation of Baby Boomers and beyond. Between the simplicity of set up, the easy switching process from one exercise routine to another, the wide range of weight resistance, and the easy fluid motion I’d have to give this machine an A+ rating!. While this is not an advertisement, you may want to check out the Bowflex website or other websites that offer Bowflex equipment discounts. At any rate, I hope you will be able to get started on a healthier lifestyle.

Remember to be active, be healthy and be happy!

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